Puncture Tire 8.5 “Xiaomi / ZWheel

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8 “1/2 solid tire for Xiaomi Scooter. You will save more than one unexpected on the road and some other puncture.

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The flat tire is one of the most flexible and elastic on the market. It can be stretched so that it will always return to its original form. It has a buffer memory so it will always recover its shape after changes in pressure and temperature. Its drawing also allows flexibility on the road. They are also high strength.

Its design is prepared to withstand UV rays. They are made of natural rubber to maintain maximum flexibility on the road. Ideal for irregular roads with gravel you can even use it on wet terrain. The special rubber material with grooved surface offers excellent grip and wear resistance.

Compatible with the Xiaomi M365 and ZWheel models.


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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 cm