ZWheel E9 Long Distance ZLion 8.5″ 350W Electric Skateboard

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Enjoy driving with the E9 ZLion MAX Long Distance Electric Skateboard. 11.6Ah battery with greater capacity and autonomy. Up to 30km on a single charge*.

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More autonomy than ever

Enjoy driving with the E9 Max ZLion Long Distance Electric Skateboard. Thanks to its 11.6Ah lithium battery you can travel up to 30 kilometers away on a single charge*. You can check the battery status from the screen, as well as the speed and mode. More versatile, more autonomy and speed so you don’t waste a second of your time. Brushless motor, fast and efficient.

Move safely

The E9 ZLion comes standard with solid anti-puncture tires, so you can move quietly. Your tires will last you a long time. Visible holes act as a shock absorber for the wheel itself.

On-the-go comfort

For added comfort, it features a high-quality rear suspension. It allows you to move through uneven terrain and descend unevenness without even knowing. The rear disc brake will make you brake more safely and you’ll be able to slow down faster.

Folded in less than 3 seconds

Its folding system is fast, safe and practical. In two simple gestures you can unlock the security system. You will be able to combine your journeys with public transport, climbing stairs with it will be easy.
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All the information you need

It features an integrated display for convenience. The power button has many uses. Tap the button to turn on your scooter and press and hold to turn it off. On, tap once to turn the light on/off, or double-tap to switch speed mode.

Additional information

Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 114 × 15 × 40.5 cm


Certificate of Warranty

ZWheel Products

ZWheel guarantees the operation of its products for two years from the date of delivery. In case of defect of the materials and / or derivative of the manufacturing process of the device, it is covered by warranty as well as its repair, replacement or change of the product and / or components at no charge. Labour would be inclusive as well as the costs of transport derived.

Once the product is repaired or is necessary to be replenished, ZWheel undertakes to deliver it within a maximum time of 30 business days from the product’s entry into our facilities. In the event of a delay in service caused by a cause of force majeure, ZWheel is exempt from any liability. To make this guarantee effective, the original purchase invoice is required.

ZWheel. provides a two-year limited warranty of free service on all of its original products. Batteries come with a 6-month warranty. The warranty applies exclusively to ZWheel products. ZWheel is not responsible for damages caused by the user.


1) Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, accident, alteration of accessories other than product or breakage, altered warranty label.

2) Do not follow recommendations and instructions for use.

3) Where the original information on the invoice shows clear signs of having been deliberately altered or by discrepancies between the warranty, proof of purchase and the product.

4) Shocks, deterioration caused by liquids or corrosive substances or any other anomalies directly attributed
or indirectly by the consumer.

5) Where the product shows clear signs of improper use or exceeds the product’s capabilities.

6) The product has been modified or repaired by unauthorized persons.

7) Derived from the use of the product, show wear and tear of the use of the same.

8) Do not keep the original purchase invoice

9) Breakage of any part of the product

10) Unhealthy parts

11) Warranty safety seal is handled or removed from the relevant location.

12) The warranty period has come to an end.

13) No other verbal or written warranty other than that expressed herein shall be recognized.

14) Damage from major causes

The return must be made in the original packaging. Otherwise, this may affect the proper functioning of the product.

Packaging Status
If the box arrives with obvious damage, the warranty is not served. We advise to take photography before the collection of the same for subsequent claim to the transport company.

Misuse of the product
If upon receipt of the product we detect clear symptoms of misuse of the product, the customer must pay the costs of
transport generated more technical work. The product will be shipped upon payment by the customer.

The goods must be perfectly identified with the number assigned by the technical service when contacting it to manage the guarantee. In the event that the identification number is not found, the Technical Service would not be liable in the event of loss of the goods.

Batteries have a limited lifespan (charge cycles) and discharge capacity that is affected by factors such as storage temperature and storage area humidity. It should be noted that battery “problems/failures” caused by sulfation, wear and physical damage are not manufacturing defects and are not covered by the warranty. Under normal operating conditions the batteries do not discharge themselves. The warranty will not cover physical damage to the battery terminals and/or anchors resulting from misuse when removing and inserting the battery from its compartment. Exercise caution when handling the battery and follow the instructions in section 3 “Assembling and Disassembling the Battery” in the operating manual.

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